content day at the salt flats

friday may 27th 2022


A celestial theme content day for photographers who dig elopements! Get fresh, epic content in a gorgeous location! Like the vibe? Then keep scrolling friend!

the deets:

3 REAL + super in love couples, gorgeous gowns, stunning rings, florals and more with a celestial theme! Attendees will rotate through four different stations during the shoot including elopement couple #1, elopement couple #2, 1 casual couple + a detail station (rings/stationary/desert/ect)

when: friday, may 27th 2022. 5:30pm to 8:00pm

where: Bonneville salt flats, Utah!

investment: $250

who: all photogs (and videographers) are welcome to join! Attendees will be split up into 4 groups of 5 and each rotation will be 15-20 minutes. Everyone will have the opportunity to lead and direct during each rotation so that you can get allll the shots you've been dying to try

we have a handful of incredibly talented vendors confirmed + are continuing to grow the list! I'm SO pumped for everyone to create some MAGIC!!

Please note this is NOT a workshop and tickets do not include transportation, meals, accommodations, or educational workshop material.

tickets are live! register below

Click the link, scroll over to may 27 + pick any open slot! Just so there's no confusion, honeybook doesn't allow me to make slots with overlapping times, so each slot pops up as 1 minute long. Don't worry, you're not actually getting just one minute of shooting time haha! Everyone's start/finish time is still the same (5:30pm-8:00pm)!

the couples:

three super in love, REAL couples. Two will be elopement (keep scrolling to see the dresses being used) and one will be a casual/engagement couple so that you can get both elopement + adventure content!

elopement couple #1: Alyx + Max

elopement couple #2: TBD

engagement couple: TBD

the dresses:

the rings:

each elopement couple will feature one of the rings below! one will be used in the flatly station as well!